What My Clients Have To Say…

“If a closet that has control over you paralyzes you, Lori is the answer. She sees possibilities in the midst of disorder. She is supportive, understanding yet pragmatic. She will stir you into action and not let you quit (or hyperventilate) until you have order and peace of mind.”
– Anne K.

“What a big difference Time 4 Order has made in my home. It really was time to unburden ourselves of a lot of things we don’t need or use anymore. It has been wonderful working with you. Thanks again for your help. You were fantastic and just what I needed.”
– Carol K.

“Every time I open a drawer, closet door or cupboard I think of you in a positive way. I know what I have and where to find it. I now spend less money because I either had, what I thought I needed to buy or you gave me such great ideas I seem to need less. Hiring Time 4 Order was very cost effective. I appreciate you and I am grateful to you. My family, my house, and myself thank you!”
– Liz V.

“Lori kept me on track and moving. She never judged what was important to me… when some of the silliest things are the most memorable, but helped guide me to make decisions. I can never explain how much she helped me both physically and mentally!”
–  Kay H.

“Thank you so much for your work with organizing my closet. Like most moms, I took care of my family’s needs first and I kept thinking I would get around to it someday. You quickly turned a dreaded task into a fun afternoon! I only wish I had done this a long time ago!!”
– Deanna H.

“Lori thank you for your talent, your experience, your hard work, your good ideas, your flexibility, your tactful way of showing me it is OK to let something go. You are a gift to our home that keeps on giving.”
– Emily J.

“Lori, Thank you for helping me find the path towards sanity! Looking forward to more ‘fun’ excursions!”
– Renee M.

“THANK YOU! I awoke without the mental weight of “Now What?” I cannot thank you enough!”
– Joanne E.

“Thank you so much for your organizational help. We are traveling leaner ad lighter these days and what a joy it is. With thanks to the best darn organizer in the WEST.”
– Kris W.

“Lori made my days of packing much easier and even fun. We accomplished a great deal together. Lori has great organizational skills and a friendly manner so the stress you might normally feel in packing is lessened tremendously. I recommend Lori to anyone who is I need of either more organization within the home or help during the preparation for a move. Lori’s warmth and generosity of spirit are a great gift.”
– Andrea H.

“Today is my 2 year anniversary in my wonderful home. Missing my usual life activities and joys, but so grateful to be going through this awful pandemic here in my house. I still think of you often… especially when I can easily find things. I remain forever grateful to you, for helping me begin a new chapter in my life. With Love and always in my heart…”
– S. Cherry.

You’re excellent at what you do professionally, but it wouldn’t happen if you weren’t also sensitive, kind, interested to begin with, and listen so carefully.  
– JJ

“Lori is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. The thing I love most about her is that she accepts and meets people where they are when it comes to getting organized. She doesn’t have judgment about your home, car, desk or anything else that one may find a bit embarrassing because it is “out of control”. She is so kind and patient about her approach and when I worked with her to get my office organized, she did such a great job of helping me understand and let go of things I didn’t need anymore. Everyone should have a “Lori” around to keep them on track and help them focus on what really matters.”
– Nadine L.

“My 10 year old just wrote “Lori” on her Christmas wish list – as in time with you to organize her bedroom” – Former Client

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